Who We Are

Founded by Dr Pauline Griffiths, Quality Teaching Australia provides on-line writing courses and units of work for secondary school students, teachers and professionals in the workplace. We cater for students, teachers, and professionals world wide, yet offer a close teacher-student relationship.

We also offer an on-line editorial service for secondary school students with assessment tasks. Simply contact us with your assignment (and the assignment instructions and marking rubric if you have them) and for a small fee we’ll give you advice and feedback. This is not cheating, rather it is a way for you to develop your critical writing skills and think more deeply about your work. Indeed, it is part of the writing process.

Furthermore, we design and deliver individual writing workshop sessions for students, teachers or professionals. Our aim is to assist everyone to enjoy writing (for all kinds of purposes and audiences) and become better writers.

Pauline Griffiths is a Lead Teacher accredited with the Australian Institute of Teachers and School Leaders (AITSL), a former head teacher of English and school principal, and a member of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL).