On-line Academic Writing Materials

If you are a school student wanting to improve your grades, these materials  will assist you to read critically, write clearly, and show your knowledge and understanding of many topics and concepts. We offer three modules of activities: reading critically; writing thoughtfully; and editing analytically.  Each module has some main reference materials and some practice exercises. The materials are primarily for students in Years 7-12 but are also helpful to teachers, tertiary students and professionals who feel they have gaps in their knowledge.When you complete the modules you will be a much stronger writer.

Editorial Service For Secondary School Students

If you are a secondary school student in Years 7-12 you can submit your completed first draft of a school assignment, along with the assignment task and the marking rubric and we will edit it for grammar, punctuation and expression. We’ll make suggestions for improvement. We can even mark it for you against the Australian Curriculum, if you wish. For editorial assistance from one of our teachers.

Customised Coaching Programs

If you are a school or a professional organisation and need a particular coaching program to do with academic or creative writing we can address your unique needs and design and deliver one just for you.


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